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Now tracking progress of construction sites is easier than ever, feels like you are on job site

Smart Building Management

Preview and follow up the construction stages digitally

Digital Record

A comprehensive virtual digital archive for the construction stages

Explanatory Points

Additional data to clarify points within the construction site

Time Travel

Visiting all the previous construction stages and examining them in detail

Executives Participation

Engineers, executives, and clients participated in one virtual construction site.

The fastest and easiest way to inspect and track progress of construction site

WhiteHelmet’s mobile app is all you need to get your hands on, request a demo now!

View projects as if you were on-site

View the latest updates, all in one place. Document changes, comments to keep everyone informed, wherever you are.

As-Built Documentation

Progress Documentation

Always have a complete and historical record of your project and site process.

Quality Control

Provide inspectors with digital documentation at key milestones to expedite approvals and streamline inspections.

Stakeholders Feedback

Give stakeholders online access to view the project in real-time.

Enterprise Ready

STC Cloud Infrastructure

We also provide STC Cloud to keep all the data inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides many features, including:

  • Speed, quality, and accessibility.
  • Secure and direct access through the Nationwide Virtual Business Network (IP-VPN).
  • Safely located at STC’s Data Centres.

Tracking construction progress with the WhiteHelmet App is as easy as 1-2-3!


WhiteHelmet app is all you need to get started.


Upload the data into WhiteHelmet secure cloud


collaborate with team members and stakeholders to access current site condition anytime, anywhere

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