The Enterprise Dashboard

Your central point of access to all projects on one dashboard, with an intuitive user interface for account and project administration.

Complete Dashboard

WhiteHelmet provides complete dashboard experience, where you can now manage your projects and assign it to different team members.

Complete Immersion

WhiteHelmet 360° viewer help you to view job site without going on actual construction site, move between the scenes and have complete immersive experience.

Split Screen

WhiteHelmet now introduced split screen function which help you to compare multiple scenes and see the progress side by side.

Floorplan &

WhiteHelmet let you add multiple floor plans and mapspots which are connected to respective scenes. Now you can jump to different scenes by just clicking on mapspots.

Time Travel

Now with WhiteHelmet you can time travel to different reports, just click on timeline and switch back and forth between old and new reports, and use our split feature to compare between two.

Annotation points

WhiteHelmet enables you to add notes or clarifications within the project by adding Annotation points or videos with the ability to respond to them and open a conversation within the project's digital file.